How much weed can I legally have in Colombia?

How much weed can I legally have in Colombia without getting into legal trouble?

Many people contact our office with this question, how much weed can I legally have in Colombia. The answer to that depends on how you have or possess your marihuana or recreational cannabis. If you are wondering the answer to this question yourself, this article will provide answers to those wanting to know how much weed is ok to have in Colombia.

Cannabis Attorney in ColombiaThe first thing to know is that contrary to popular belief, marihuana is not legal in Colombia. Article 49 of the Colombian Constitution prohibits the use and possession of any type of prohibited drugs, such as marihuana and narcotics. However, recreational cannabis to a certain amount is not penalized in most instances in Colombia but that does not mean that it has been legalized. So if the authorities surprise a person with any quantity of weed deemed for commercial purposes, a criminal charge will probably follow. Personal consumption however is protected by some laws as well as Constitutional decisions and therefore decriminalized.

How much Marihuana can I legally posses in Colombia?

It is important to know that there are certain amounts of drugs which are considered ok to possess if they are destined for personal consumption. The key however is PERSONAL consumption. It does not mean that you can carry or possess an unlimited amount of weed or narcotics claiming that it is for your consumption. Even small amounts of drugs can get a person into trouble if the authorities think that it is destined for distribution. This is the case even if it is going to be given to a friend without any payment in return. So people have to be very careful on not only the amount of weed or drugs they are going to carry or possess at home or vehicle. But also, what they say when they are found in possession of such products.

how much marihuana can i legally possess in colombiaThe Colombian Narcotics Statute allows for a personal dose to be in possession of people in Colombia without getting into any legal trouble. This law allows for the legal possession of up to 20 grams of marihuana for personal consumption. It is important to keep in mind that if deemed not for personal consumption there could be legal consequences. In regards to cocaine or any of its derivatives, the amount of up to 1 gram is the maximum allowed. If your drug of preference is not one of these two, this law also considers other narcotics. So as long as there is no inference to distribution of any kind, these amounts can be possessed without any legal issues.

Where not to get caught smoking marihuana or using drugs in Colombia

Although personal use of weed and cocaine is not per se criminalized in Colombia, there are some places which can cause you legal issues if caught using these types of narcotics. These prohibited places are mainly related to educational institutions or places where minors are present. The consequence of getting caught consuming narcotics in or near educational institutions, libraries, and recreational places where minors are common, is a fine. As of 2022, they can go up to as high as 8 million pesos depending on each specific situation.

how_much_weed_can_i_legally-possess_in_colombiaColombia has a very relaxed position when it comes to smoking weed and the use of some recreational drugs. As far as doing business in the cannabis industry, the country is also a very good place to do so. However, this does not mean that it is a free-for-all. Rules and regulations must be abided by in order to avoid uncomfortable legal situations. If you need legal assistance related to issues related to getting caught with drugs in Colombia or looking into establishing a cannabis business in the country, contact us. We are here to assist you with our team of experienced English speaking attorneys in Colombia.

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