English Speaking Lawyers in Colombia

Experienced English Speaking Lawyers in Colombia

Our team of Lawyers in Colombia welcomes you to our site, in it you will find general information about our law firm in Colombia. We have a talented team of experienced lawyers covering all the main cities of the country, to meet the needs of our customers without delay. We are committed to providing our national and international clients with advice and legal representation of the highest quality.

Experienced and Ethical Law Firm in Colombia

Lawyers in ColombiaWe are an experienced law firm guided by professionalism and ethics. We know that our clients require efficient legal advice and/or representation, that is why we work with professionals who are fully experienced in the different areas of Colombian Law.

We have lawyers who are experienced in commercial law, family law, civil law, labor and pension matters, trademark and patent registration, immigration issues, criminal law, business law, military law, customs law, among others. We take on civil liability cases, lawsuits against the State, friendly and contentious divorces, adoptions, prenuptial agreements and disputes, and many more.

Our team of experienced lawyers has the capacity to represent the interests of our local clients as well as those of those who contact us from abroad. We are recognized by our experience in trademark and patent processes, representation of claims for copyright violations and hundreds of positive results in legal proceedings in defense of our clients interests and rights. We are beneficiaries of an excellent reputation for achieving successful results for our clients.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Colombia

We have a professional team of experienced criminal lawyers strategically distributed throughout the main cities of Colombia, in order to provide an agile service to our clients. We constantly deal with situations involving crimes related to drug trafficking, organized crime, fraud, domestic violence, traffic accidents involving the use of alcohol and/or death or damages to third parties. Including cases related to driving under the effects of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances and the defense of juvenile offenders.

Criminal Defense Attorney in ColombiaWe serve detainees at our emergency hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. This number is monitored by an on call experienced criminal defense attorney, in case of arrest or detention. If you require immediate representation anywhere in Colombia, call this telephone number right now.  Tel.  300 356 4041

Clients of our Law Firm in Colombia

Our team of experienced lawyers are very committed to providing the best legal advice to all our clients, according to their area of knowledge and experience. We regularly take on complex cases, working hand in hand with our team of experienced researchers, to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Many of our clients are small and medium-sized companies that require constant legal support, businesses that do not have a legal department within their institutions. Therefore, they rely on our experience, professionalism and ethical work, to advise them and represent their interests.

Consult your case with us today, by calling our offices or entering your information in our contact form. Our initial telephone consultation is completely free. We are one of your best options when it comes to lawyers in Colombia.

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